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As information available from other threads on CFA indicates.. it nearly does cost this much..
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Just completed 'Fooled by Randomness' by Nassim Taleb. A very captivating book to read.. his style is difficult though.
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best of luck puys... Give your best shot...
success will be yours..
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Best of luck to all appearing junta.... Give your best shot. All the best
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PG on fire......
keep going...
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Now thats something desirable... must be turning eyes whenever pulled out...:)
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As compared to N series with their current OS problems Sony walkman series is much better or you go for MotoRokr E6, my friend is using it since last 6 months and it is superb. You just have to see that are you SMS junkie as in that case check out if you can type with stylus...
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Logged into pg after long time, and bumped into this thread, you are doing great tanveer. really cool work. Searching for source isn't easy job after looking at thier sources mentioned here.
keep it buddy
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Really gud score bro, you cracked it.
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For TWI and word power made easy, it can be easily said that they are very good in subjects they deal with, worth it to read them atleast once.