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Finally the much awaited results of SIC(summer Internship Cell) were announced today.A total of 3 people from my class made through the final list and now they share the burden of high hopes of the fellow classmates. All the best to the selected ones.
An overall eventful day ended with a...
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i am waitlisted at 170 .
Can seniors please let us know how many buffer calls were made. I mean for 180 seats in PGDM ,what are the total people called for in the initial stage.
Also when the waitlist movement process going to start??
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Mid-May for wailisted ppl will be vvvvvlate .
Simply because i have to resign from the company and all the formalities of release will take a minimum of four-six weeeks time.
Considering session start date of 14 June , it puts ppl like me in a real jinx
No company ever is gonna release a...
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waitlisted 28.. i think am in
CAT % : 88.26
Other Calls : ONLY LBSIM!!!:sneaky:
Other verdict: ONLY LBSIM
Joining if admitted : ONLY LBSIM
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Puys pls help
94.Although she had signed a pledge of abstinence while being an adolescent, Frances Willard was 35 years old before she chose to become a temperance activist.
(A) while being an adolescent
(B) while in adolescence
(C) at the time of her being adolescent
(D) as being...
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Date & Venue: 23rd Feb, FSM, 9am
CAT score: 88.26
Course ( PGDM/PGDM-IB/Both) : PGDM
Xth %age: 78
XIIth %age: 78
Work Experience in months(if any) : 17
Work-Ex sector: IT
GD Topic : Should freedom of expression be given to all?
GD Time limit: 12 mins
GD Experience : We ...
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Done with GD/PI today at FORE today ... till when can we expect results and final shorltists?
:clap::clap:for seniors and their efforts today
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Mine GD/PI was on 13 Feb.
Firstly , there were many people who didnot came and hence the remaining people were clubbed together to make 5 batches instead of 8 ..of around 15 ppl each. This meant only 75-80 ppl turned out of expected 160!
GD was basically on a case study which revolved a...
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rhcp08 replied to [2012-14] LBSIM Gd/Pi Call Getters
I am feeling like
First i screwed up my CAT Exam ,got only 88.xx
gone are all the bucks spent in NITIEs.MDIs, not to forget IMTG.
Somehow i consoled myself and settled for the GD/PI calls form FORE & LBS.
Was really looking forward to convert atleast one of them .
BUT there goe...
rhcp08 replied to [2012-14] LBSIM Gd/Pi Call Getters
Hi seniors
Called for GD/PI process.
CAT: 88.26
Work-Ex:15 months approx in IT
Do i need to produce any specific work ex certificate from my employer inorder to get credentials for it or only my pay slip and appointment letter will do?