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Selling Pagalguy as an advertising/marketing medium to b-schools is not only an enriching experience but also an entertaining one. This is because before you actually get to meet the person in charge of buying advertising for a school, you have to battle an entire battery of people from receptionists and telephone oeprator...
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puri.pallavi hahahaha...What a riot :D Great work!!. 12 Nov '10.
noopur_g7 Awesome article! Just can't get over the sound of "regard.... 14 Nov '10.
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Can anyone share me link, or give a free copy of Call recorder application for Nokia E63.
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I am pretty sure, for the money we pay, we could have all the facilities we want, even double the facilities. Had it been no political interference, no vested interest, sincerity, management and will... Because we are indians and unlike UK/US, unlike IBM/Accenture there are Wipro/HCL who can do ...
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Miss Mamta banerjee:
Can trains run on time?
Can realtime info on trains be available?
Can station amenities be improved?
Can railways gurantee safety?
Can WT/Staff travellers penalised?
Can IRCTC Website be trusted during peak hours?
Can we have alternative channels for tick...
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Anyone read:
The World According To Cyrus - Karl, Aaj Aur Kal by Cyrus Broacha
The Accidental Salesperson by Chris Lytle
Please post your review...
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Guys, I will cite couple of reasons that i would think matters NOT to take a specialization:
Some specialization draw fat paychecks, so i should go for it.
All my friends are going for one specialization, so i should go for it.
Companies in my placements come looking for a specific speci...
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Guys lets be very logical here. Lets not impose on others. Everyone is entitled to own's view. Thats perfectly fine. Lets not start a mudslinging match!
Lets paint a UNBIASED picture of IBA to prospective joinees. Report the fact. Be specific. No qualitative statement. e.g. IBA is fraud. Give ...
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PS stands for 'postscript': a note appended to a letter after the signature
Fundamentals Of Accounting And Finance by Nagaraja Naidu
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or what? Please specify the other option.
'Else' what?
If you didn't like Bangalore weather, may i know your ideal weather conditions?
PS: You might ask chandu for a "Humour Resource Management" & might as well read "Mediocre But Arrogant" by Abhijit Bhaduri.
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Would give my left hand to be in Blore!!!
What is he up to now days???