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Hmm...no updates from IIMC fans on placements...very strange indeed...the placement week concluded today. In case you all were wondering, we had KICK-ASS placements! Better than A+B+I,L,K,etc combined!
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All information disseminated by government-owned educational institutes such as the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) or the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) must be automatically trustworthy because public institutions don't need to market themselves, so goes the popular belief. It is only the private in...
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jain_ashu @Devilishangel... I sure hope not. When I was researching.... 20 Mar '13.
mission.og lol. 2d.
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(Photo: Edd Morgan) In a month or so, b-schools, which were practically silent all of last month and April will resound with the 'at-home' chatter of students. The second year guys have probably started filling up hostel blocks already while the first year students will make it there soon. We are certain that freshers have...
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lor_afonso I agree with most of you'll why study before joining...ha.... 19 Jun '12.
Imaginarium Kottler BEFORE joining???Damn, then what will the college.... 20 Apr '13.
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In an exclusive interview with PaGaLGuY, Prof Shekhar Chaudhuri, director of Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM-C) speaks about the importance of diversity in class, development plans for IIM-C and the affect of foreign universities making an entry into India. The inclusion of X and XII marks during admissions ...
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vicky.546 And what about a candidate who is working since class 7t.... 20 Jun '13.
vicky.546 Is it fair to compair him with others on the basis of ac.... 20 Jun '13.
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Photo credit: Abhishek Kathuroju The Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta closed the summer placement process for the batch of 2011-13 with students getting training projects across 142 companies. Although the placements began as a 5-day process, it switched over to a rolling process owing to it being the bigges...
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ontarget Thread is closed.. So thought i will make a double centu.... 22 Dec '11.
Senorita2012 Great report!. 31 Dec '11.
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Pic by Soubhik Chatterjee The Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM-C) is thinking of drawing in corporates and its alumni base to seek funds for completing some of its infrastructure projects. According to sources, it was at a meeting held at the Chennai Chapter of IIM-C Alumni Association, a few weeks ago, that th...
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rayman @above: I'm stud enough to crack IIMC. I also know that I.... 11 Nov '11.
rayman Ah. An alum? Now I understand where the Day Zero obsessio.... 11 Nov '11.
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(Photo credit: IIM Calcutta by Velavan S) The Indian Institutes of Management are considering forming an umbrella structure on the lines of an 'IIM University' that would offer a full-fledged Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree instead of the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) that they offer now. The id...
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Clifford_Dsouza a very Good Morning to the directors who head the prestig.... 17 Nov '11.
sushant1002001 Any news about this? . 22 Feb.
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(Photo: Samantha Marx) You can now count the hours to the first day of the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2011. It's only a matter of time before the third edition of the computer-based version of the test makes its presence felt starting October 22 and going right up to November 18, in its new avatar comprising two sections ...
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rayman Ya even I was too cool...you see, having got into IIMC, I.... 21 Oct '11.
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If you think farming is all about ploughing the field clad in a dhoti and eating packed lunch under a tree, think again. Hariharan V is one such farmer who is pursuing an MBA degree at the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM-C). From a small village in the southern part of Tamil Nadu, this 25-year old is at IIM-C ...
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Fulu I want to turn the sector organised from the unorganised .... 18 Oct '11.
missionpeace all the Best sir:). 19 Oct '11.
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The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Trichy at Thuvakudi, is a good 25 kilometres away from Trichy city, on a non-traffic day. Located on the main Thanjavore road, the only way to get there is by auto and auto drivers love haggling with the price. Only 1000 rupees both ways and no charge for waiting. Illai (no) waiti...
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albiesriram But1000 Rs for up n down is way too much in for an auto !!. 01 Feb '13.
albiesriram U deserve a Business class drive from Trichy Central to N.... 01 Feb '13.