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Anupam, (left) taking a class at Escape Anupam Kumar is a first year student at the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIMC), learning to become an adroit manager. But there is a lesson or two that he can easily teach his classmates and may be a willing professor too. One, on how to convert every weakness in...
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Vinoth_S All the very best Anupam. A very inspiring story. Cheers. 15 Aug '11.
esha.swapnil KUdos to u anupam........... 16 Jan '12.
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Selected for IIM C....yeah Joka ! my dream.....come true....!
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IIM A : , IIM A's shortlisting criteria: http://www.iimahd.ernet.in/users/admission/files/Shorcriteria11-13.pdf IIM C PGDM: http://www.iimcal.ac.in/f10/pgdm.htm IIM C PGDCM : http://www.iimcal.ac.in/f10/pgdcm.htm IIM L both PGP and PGP ABM: http://www.iiml.ac.in/cat2010_Short...
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arvindian for GD-PI connect, Venue dropdown missing for IIM rohtak.... 08 Feb '11.
garricksaw Any DA candidates have received the A-B-C-M-R calls ? Wou.... 14 Jan '13.
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yeah!! got a call...!! Thank God...
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gave the test today, scores are :
38 Attempts( 25 C , 13 W)= 87
VA was tricky...QA,DI too required good selection of sets/qns as the paper was very well designed with a good mix of qns.
Waiting for other puys to put up their scores...
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More PG comics Concept, illustrations and graphics by Deepak Gopalakrishnan aka chuck_gopal, a Mallu-turned Mumbaikar who blogs here and tweets here. PS: What is this Roswell? Read here.
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H2O Hey loved the detail chuck. An middle aged man n 'only' o.... 12 Sep '10.
r3x ahahhahhahhah .. hillarious .... 20 Sep '10.
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sry..double post....
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RESULTS are out...!
My scores : OA : 97.89 (all cutoffs cleared)
QA : 85.73 , VA : 97.63 , DI : 90.3
All India : 373 rank...... fine accuracy (29 C,2W) as well
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My scores: 29 C, 2W=85
Selection of questions in DI and QA section more judiciously and investing the saved time into VA was the key to improving the score...
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What did the hostel committee reply on your request for accommodation for family members? Any reasons why they can't arrange?