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Here we are, nearing the end of an MBA admission season hanging right in the middle of the second economic recession in five years. The crisis of 2009 assailed at the viability of the mass-produced MBAs of the country to secure the jobs they had hoped their degrees to yield, but it did not shake the collective resolves...
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mysterious_gal @Sunil.Bathini here it is http://www.pagalguy.com/rankin.... 09 Feb '13.
sandman1991 Would like to see a non-IIM at the top just to break stat.... 07 Apr '13.
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XLRI Jamshedpur (Photo: Anusheel Shrivastava) XLRI School of Business and Human Resources, Jamshedpur completed its final placement for the batch of 2012 last week. A total of 284 offers (including 52 lateral and 72 pre-placement offers) were made by 73 companies out of which a total of 234 offers made by 70 companies w...
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first_timer //Also guys there is a detailed placement report for XLRI.... 09 Mar '12.
young_monk I think there are articles on each and every aspect of a .... 26 May '12.
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Wow!!! BodhiTrees made new songs, tht is just awesome :)...miss the campus days more than ever now
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Final placements for the batch of 2010 at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow concluded with a total of 370 offers being made for the batch of 315. "The offers made include 41 Pre- Placement Offers (PPOs), 123 lateral offers and 206 offers during the final placement week. A total of 121 companies participated in...
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avatar007 Free mein hire kiya hai kya? Salaries stats kahan par hai.... 31 Mar '11.
saurabh2345 @avatar-free main and that too IIM grads? never happens o.... 31 Mar '11.
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lol!!! context my dear friend its all about context...this is XL-IIMC we are talking about and you need to be an jokar or xler to understand that this is just friendly banter and nobody gives a damn abt it b4 and after the meet...
All the women, culture, tax payer funded institute talk is jus...
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lol! some things never change...could not resist the urge to check the life at XL tread today after along, time....this is the only tread that I care about in PG nowadays ;), boy cliched as it sounds some things never change :)...btw sumit there used to be a committee that every one was welcome t...
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Shreyas or Doc as we call him here is heading to Wockhardt hospitals
he also had an KPMG offer ??:
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Yeah the meet was a absolute cracker but for the fact that we lost the cup :(. Finally it boiled down to a few points here or there :satisfie:.
ps: u did well on the volley court mate, despite all our efforts
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I find the number 50 hard to believe...this forum is read by many many Students as well as aspirants, it would be irresponsible to make remarks such these if they were just rumors...
can some one from IIM L confirm this?
Having said that, the fact that the report claimed that the placements...