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As India positions itself into a knowledge center for Information Technology, Finance, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Media and Energy, a new breed of professionals are in demand. Diligence, problem solving, strategic thinking and innovation capability in young professionals is being sought after for management consulting j...
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animesh_mba Thnx galore!! for ur excellent inputs sir. 05 Oct '09.
@bhii Very Informative.. thanks PG.. I'll appreciate more such.... 08 Oct '09.
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I agree with your point of View..it is just Faculty and Student mix that is differentiator in all coahing classes.however I dont know which one is the best Branch in Hyd to prepare for CAT/GMAT ???:puppydog:
Any inputs ???
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Hi guys,
Hope you can answer my questions and enlighten me....
1) which institue (IMS,TIME) good for CAT/GMAT study ??? is there something that offers coaching for both courses together ???
2) which branch(Kukatpally,Ameerpet) is having cream students and best mix of peers and faculties...
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Any input on which Institue is best for CAT and GMAT combined ? I m wondering if it is good to join IMS Pro for preparation of both courses. Also please let me know which city branch is good for CAT/GMAT Classes ? Kukatpally/Ameerpet ????