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what next..i mean payment and all
rai20 same question :) . 14 Mar.
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delhi !!!
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busar005 @amresh_maverick : last year they increased the seats fo.... 14 Mar.
amresh_maverick @busar005 grt. Good for the students (WL). Colleges lik.... 14 Mar.
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Can anyone help me with lodging in jamshedpur? My interview is on the 23rd, 9 AM.
rai20 is it like the course of actions in XAT dm section? @dre.... 20 Feb.
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XAT percentile: 99.97 BM INTERVIEW GMAT Score(If applicable): NA GK score: 10.00 Interview Centre: Hotel Parkland,Delhi Educational Profile X: 92 mp state board XII:73 mp state board Undergrad Major - GPA/%age: 68.4% Any other professional certification or course undertaken: Work profile (if app...
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burnett @Joffrey only u can afford that luxury Halfman :neutral: . 23 Feb.
anshul_mechie @roguetrader It ain't. . 07 Mar.
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I am very apprehensive of being the first to post the GD-PI experience, but what the hell?Here it goes:Date: 3rd Feb, 2013.Time: 8:50 AM.Venue: The Pride, Chennai.Essay topic: Will tax reforms increase savings?Essay performance: Meh
GD Topic: Can sportspersons be good administrators?GD Perform...
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rai20 any documents were asked for ? @kirali . 03 Feb.
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The length, breadth and height of a room are in the ratio 3 : 2 : 1. If the breadth and height are halved while the length is doubled, then the total area of the four walls of the room will
a. remain the sameb. decrease by 13.64%c. decrease by 15%d. decrease by 18.75%e. decreas...
Rishabh020 thanks @garricksaw @kuljeet01 @vrun :) . 22 Oct '13.
kuljeet01 @Rishabh020 dont say "thanks" ... we are friends ... so .... 22 Oct '13.
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How many natural numbers less than 25 have a composite number of factors?
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rai20 60. 21 Oct '13.
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sin A/1-cos A = ?
cosec A+ cot Asin A+tan Asec A +cot Acosec^2 A+ cot ^2 A
rai20 1/(1-cosa)/sina = 1/(cosec - cot) = (cosec+cot)/cosec^2-c.... 21 Oct '13.
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if 2f(x)-3f(1/x)=x^2 (xi s not equal to 0) then f(2) is equal to -7/45/2-1NOT
rai20 -7/4. 21 Oct '13.