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Sorry for the misunderstandings created.
I was not a convert but waitlist at 40+.earlier it was 50+.
Gave a call to IIM-Shillong PGPEX and they forwarded me to another number where we had a chat like this =
Me-Sir I have heard that not every one has been placed till date. when will they ...
rahulkumar1985 Can you plz share the number.. 01 May '13.
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@Swiss_KnifeI work with US based Company as a Product Manager driving a World-wide virtual team on products worth $1B from India. I have been in Business Operations/ Marketing/ Technology in my 1...
Are you open to applying outside India. If yes, go for schools like INSEAD, Kellogg, Cornell - it will help you get into a dynamic profile which does justice to your role/package expectations
rahulkumar1985 @Swiss_Knife : I would say try IMD Switzerland or INSEAD..... 27 Apr '13.
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25th April is gone.... Puys,how many have accepted the offer and what is the progress of the waitlist ?
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rahulkumar1985 Seems that the waitlist is out. My tracker changed to 15+.... 26 Apr '13.
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Bhailog ... I have paid the acceptance fee . It will get credited into IIMs account by tomorrow morning. 23rd is a holiday and 24th is the last day. So you guys have to act fast. Now there is no looking back, rather now, henceforth it will only be the best feet forward .
Also , i'll be booki...
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Sai_IIMShillong Yes correct. First installment will be from your pocket. .... 24 Apr '13.
harveenj @Sai_IIMShillong : Thanks, i was thinking that SBI would .... 24 Apr '13.
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Guys, is there any official thread from HKU ? seems that we all have questions but there is nobody to address them..
rahulkumar1985 Ok. Which track ? Columbia ? Recommendation from ??. 21 Apr '13.
rahulkumar1985 Thats very strange. Sales + Marketing+LBS ..Hmm. 21 Apr '13.
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I had the interview on 22nd March, usually how long after the interview can one expect them to contact you, in case you are selected? Any inputs are welcome, thanks.
rahulkumar1985 Hi @Sonny_85 please share your profile. Also, are you acc.... 20 Apr '13.
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Dear All,
I have also got admit in HKU.
Did anyone started the procedure of visa and loan?
rahulkumar1985 @megha_taurus Please share your profile. 20 Apr '13.
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@Sai_IIMShillong just wanted to knw do we need to take care of the getting student visa for china ?? if so we need arrange everything rite. can you give us information happened when you joined the course.
rahulkumar1985 Cost of visa processing ?. 19 Apr '13.
rahulkumar1985 Estimate of expenses in china ?. 19 Apr '13.
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How is quality of course? Do they adopt case based approach ? Also, how would you rate the course content in scale of 10 ? Also the faculities.
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@Sai_IIMShillong When are you guys winding up your placements and when can you discuss the placements ?
rahulkumar1985 @YenaRascala ???. 19 Apr '13.