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(Photo credit: IIM Calcutta by Velavan S) The Indian Institutes of Management are considering forming an umbrella structure on the lines of an 'IIM University' that would offer a full-fledged Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree instead of the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) that they offer now. The id...
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Clifford_Dsouza a very Good Morning to the directors who head the prestig.... 17 Nov '11.
sushant1002001 Any news about this? . 22 Feb.
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(Photo credit: Christopher Matson) One of the most dreaded portions of the English section of the CAT is the one relating to grammar. MBA applicants find themselves frequently at a loss while trying to negotiate a deadly landmine of nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions articles and gerunds. Additionally this ...
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shlndrrai super links sir...they are really good for practicing.. .... 03 Sep '11.
shruti_87 Thanks :) . 16 Aug '13.
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Anna Hazare was the poster boy all of last week, hijacking almost every bit of newspaper space and television time. And many aam admi tried to, did, or at least appeared to be wanting to do something to feel akin to the movement. Some b-school drills in endorsing the cause also made news. While some students let go of m...
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rahul.sukhi @nayas- when college like **** feature in the top 50, how.... 20 Aug '11.
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i m BE prefinal year student from PEC,Chd.
Will b appearing in CAT09.