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What other documents do you need to send along with the acknowledgement if you chose online payment option?
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@Harshvardhan414 Yes you can send it now...there won't be any issue.
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TGIF!! :w00t:
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Feeling Lucky, Punk?
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@Abhicataim Guys...no need to panic ! The last date for receipt of the XAT confirmation is 5th Dec 2012, and I don't think they have mentioned that the confirmation page should be sent within 7 days. Anyways it would be good if you can call them directly and confirm if you have any queries - XAT ...
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New PG is cool..:thumbsup:
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Answer is B. S/4
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Just done with 1010...
Horrendous performance in this one,,,
VA 15A 8R 7W (25) :banghead:
DI 6A 5R 1W (19) :shocked::shocked:
QA 9A 6R 3W (21)
OA 30A 19R 11W (65)
accuracy sucked this time...also attempted very less quesns...
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You will be able to edit your information in the online registration for CAT 2009 now. Finally. We talked to Prof Satish Deodhar, CAT 2009 convener and professor at IIM Ahmedabad who told us how the online registration will become simpler in the days to come, solving many problems reported by anxious CAT aspirants on Septemb...
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anonymous Hi there could I reference some of the content found in t.... 15 May '10.
pallaby after i filled my voucher number..it says invalid voucher.... 01 Sep '10.
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My scores...
VA 21 (7R,7W) :splat:
AQ 35 (9R,1W)
DI 40 (10R)
OA 96