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Hey puys.. I gave the test at mysore center. A guy there logged on to my terminal and started the test before handing it over to me. I could not even read the instructions and didn't know marking pattern in VA.
OA - 95 (98.14 %ile)
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Hi Puys..
I got 98.17 with 70+ in each section. Yet I am being offered the basic course (test series) @ 1250 instead of 950 mentioned on their website and enhanced one @ 1750 instead of 1450 at mysore center. Any one with the same problem?? Can any one let me know the status at other centers?
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No.-------%ile -------AIR------ Cutoffs not cleared
1016-----DNT---------NA-------NA (NA for test series students)
2 2
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Please remove your e-mail id from your post. It is against PG rules.
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Congos dude on getting ur doj. As far as trainin period is concerned it has been extended to 7-8 months. 4 months was the initial duration in the long cycle (i.e. non cse n non-it ppl). bt nw dis concept of short n long cycle has been done away with n trainin has been standardized 4r every branch..
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To all fresh graduates and 2k9 passouts
With almost all hirings frozen and virtually no recruitments, good ol' PSU's are again in the limelight. Brush up all your basics of degree and start writing 'sarkari' exams. Salaries are competitive and with 6th pay commission around the corner, they ar...
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i hv d latest service agreement for 2k8 batch. acc 2 it:
a) 50% of total compensation paid
b)50% of total computer tym at Rs.250/hr
c) 50% of cost of recruitment (advertising :eyepop:, travel blah blah) at Rs. 15000 max.
d) Rs. 8000 2wards reimbursement of training costs.
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dude m also an extension candidate joinin on 23rd march. ma initial doj (dt of joinin) was 14th july'08. u c it has taken 9 extra months. i was waitin 4r accenture thn n got it deferred. in ur case i thnk u can join wid ur frens. d final degree is reqd 2 b shown only after 7-8 months. jus talk 2 ...
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dude m a also 4m E&Tc; n a 2k8 passout. m joinin on 23rd march. well branch related ques are asked - i was asked bout vodafone hutch deal (dat was d latest in feb 2k7)), 2G,3G,4G n difference bet dem (altho i hadnt studied dese in detail until thn as these cm only in 6th sem i.e. jan 2k7-jun 2k7)...
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Anything after 8 PM will be safe..
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