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Hey Guys,
Well well, three years one MBA and a year an a half at a job, since I used PG last. I'm back to remembering those times when I was up all night trying to catch up with what the guys on here had to say about the CAT'05. So, what brings me back? It's the desire and the hunger to do ano...
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hey guys
icfai distance learning does provide u placemenets with a min. guarantee of 20k pm.
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well theres a yahoo group thats really kicking its called ibs 05 join it for all the activity.
most of the pagals have shifyted there for this particular thread though i still vouch for pg-- the best forum 4 an mba aspirant
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hi as far as the config of the laptop goes its clearly mentioned in the laptop option letter
however it seems to b a tad expensive n therefore not many ppl are opting for it me included
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this ones not frm international cricket but well funny all the same n trust me very very imbarrassing
its abt r college cricket team
r captain really good playa left the ball a really clean leave n was bowled
oo the way v laughed
n then he says well left karke bowled ho gaya adds to...
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hey guys think frm a business point of view cos at the end of the day thats what all these colleges are they are business entities.
if you cancell after confirming you ought to be prepared to forfiet your money.
c'mon they stand a chance of loosing out on one seat n thats say about 4 lacs i...
Puneet03 replied to which admit to accept... IIMA or ISB??????
1st ur the luckyest guy i knw so congrats uve got 2 of the best b schools in the country.
well i think in ur pplace isb makes alot more sence than iim - a
1. isb has cumpulsary work ex for its students so ull automatically get a richer student base. (i knw ppl r gonna b on my bass for sayi...
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I am in confusion whether to join LIBA Chennai or ICFAI Hyd.
FEES wise Liba is better as it is 50%
U might be knowing as u hail from Chennai
Pl suggest.
hey sandeep icfai- hyd is a far better college as compared to liba ur comparing across levels here.
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well i see no reason why any one should consider teaching not equivalent to work-ex
for another i dont think that itrs any different to a management job n specially in his case wherein he also had 2 market his coching institute.
infact very honestly the difficulty in being a faculty at a co...
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Puneet03 replied to love @ peril plz help out
hey pal
think over wat ur sayin
u really seem in 2 minds n this relationship is not 4 u trsut me its not 4 u
u dun love her u love that internet friend who u never saw u loved wat she said u loved wat u thought she looked like u din love the real gal.
as far as bein friends...