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I just came across this amazing thread and at a very crucial time of my life..I am in real need of Kaplan Premier 2011 edition and am not able to find it in any store..It will take a minimum of 21 days for me to get it..Was wondering if anybody on this thread has it and is willing to lend ...
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Thanks for the quick reply..
I will be very frank with my post MBA or masters goal ( I cant always be in the applications)..
As of now I feel consulting is where I belong and thus would like to switch into it..I presented the same in my MIM apps..but to be very honest I want to take MBA as ...
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Hi ..
I will start with my introduction..
I am Priya.. have been a frequent visitor on PG but posting for the first time ..
I hv the typical INDIAN/Engineer/IT profile with the only difference being that I am a girl :)..I did my B.Tech in Comp Sc from Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technolo...