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(About that albatross of doomsday allegedly hanging on our shoulders.) Concept, illustrations and graphics by Deepak Gopalakrishnan aka chuck_gopal, a Mallu-turned Mumbaiker who blogs here and tweets here.
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pranavajothi though written humorously...it shudn't embarrass the MBA .... 23 Jan '12.
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Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta's Prof Janakiraman Moorthy, who is the Convenor for the Common Admissions Test (CAT) 2011 speaks about this year's exam. Will there be changes in the CAT this year? Yes, but few. The CAT 2011 will have only two sections instead of three. The first section will focus on Quant...
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anonymous [...] Once the time ends for the first section, they will.... 30 Jul '11.
pratskool funny.. how can students compare d questions of 1 paper w.... 06 Aug '11.
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EagleMenace's way seems to make remembrance of words much easier.
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For one of the four new IIM's to be started in 2010 IIMC is gonna be the mentor...
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I have attached the mandatory disclosures of NITIE for 2010 admissions. I hope this would answer most of your category wise cutoffs, tuition fee and placement related questions.
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Now this has been due for days! Prometric has finally put up updated FAQs for students. The FAQ primarily deals with rescheduling and also touches upon aspects like DA students, change in locations etc. The entire FAQ can be found at http://www.catiim.in However, I am also copy-pasting the same below. The latest version w...
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sejalsharmaa Why should people who have already given the exam get a r.... 07 Dec '09.
anonymous I want to take mock cat online exam, whether it is availa.... 02 Jun '10.
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Ever wondered why doing business in India is diametrically different from studying business in India. Many people must have realized the difference in scenarios when they passed out from their business schools and started working. The text book just did not teach you enough! According to Devdutt Pattanaik, Chief Belief Offi...
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mkoolenough i prefer Made in India for Indains. 10 Aug '09.
anonymous Connections work everywhere in business be it India or US.... 19 Aug '09.
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What is the remainder when 25^102 is divided by 17.?
There is no explanation for this in Arun Sharma-Quant book.
I tried but ended with a different answer. Can anybody help me out this.?
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Hi puys,
Do any of you guys have TotalGadha Geometry e-book.?
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Have you attended Byju's CAT classes for CAT2008..?