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Thanks tumtum for ur valuable reply. It will certainly help me in taking a rational decision.
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well tumtum it was great reading ur post. i am currently doing MBA (1st semester) & planning to choose finance as specialisation in the second year. please suggest me how it would br doing CFA through Distance learning mode along with MBA. how it would it enhance my career prospects in the fu...
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ok so i think by now federer must have understood where he had put on his hands that's why no reply from him ( atleast sorry to bol de yaar).
nways i think the thread has lost its relevance so better of with it.
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well ahem! guru that is really a very critical comment
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hi rahul sorry i forgot yo inform u that i managed to get into the main campus narrowly.:smilecol: narrowly because after me there were only 2 seats empty.:eek: u certainly have got into the main campus so be in touch & looking forward to meet when the session begins.:rolleyes:
btw saurabh wh...
well if they think that only engineers can be better managers we can't do much to their thoughts.:| this has also to do with that they can easily place them with high packages than a non technical student & hence earn more reputation as a B school.:) also there r abundant no. of engineers availab...
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well archana i personally feel that management is not something that can be taught or learned thru textbooks.it is a skill that is either in u or u have to develop that gradually.that's why many a leading b schools prefer students having some amount of work experience.this way they have some prio...
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talking about the presentation i think bhansaali saab did a fabulous presentation with devdas quite large canvas and a good direction.nways parineeta was also a fabulous movie.i am not demeaning its value just made a similiraty with devdas.
i heard sometime back that they r making a movie call...
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guys i also watched parineeta .though i liked it i always kept wondering whether i am watching 2nd devdas. i mean the story is same the backdrop is same(two traditional bengali families) the villain being the father in both .ithink this is something to do with the same author of both the nove...
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hey dolphinboy i have go 101 rank for delhi region in the entrance .do u think that would be enough to get me in the main campus .if not then what would be my second choice. :sleepy: i have not much information abt he other affliated colleges in the ip univ.r they worth appling for ? :confused: