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Just mail the admisson coordinator available in the admisson page of the IRMA site once u logged in...they will mail u in one day...:)
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Hiii all
My take on the answer is option 5 i.e. none of these...Picture this the tower is placed on the origin of the rectangular co-ordinate system.B is towards the west(-ve x axes) and A is towards south...Given AB=3km..
Let AO(distance from origin to A)=x
and OB=y
So,x=h/tan 30 and...
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It is seen most of the management colleges first conduct an entrance test where we have to dole out somewhat around 800-1600/- bucks then again have to spend another 1000-1400 bucks each for applying into there different colleges(Ex- Symbiosis).Needlesss to say this puts up a lot of financial bur...
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Hey Fidasal
Its great u started this thread..I wanted to know about the placement prospects in IRMA..what are the profiles offered to students there..is it fully social devlopment oriented..actually what i am in the lookout for is a job in which i get decent money and at the same time ge...
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