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Wait...wait am totally confused snan bhai can u help us out?
As an investor the only difference i could feel was that for a stock split the face value of the share also goes down. Rest all is same. What happens on the company's books; snan might be able to answer.
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If i were to choose between TISCO and SAIL. I too would choose TISCO purely because of the fact that it is an Integrated Player
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Iam ready to chip in. But before that was just wondering whether ppl out here also do the Technical analysis things before investing? I went through a book
Technical Analysis of Stock Trends by Robert D. Edwards, John F. Magee
Was amazed at how People's psychology was getting repeate...
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I guess the calculation after record date works differently.
Market Cap = No. of Shares * Share Price
Market Cap today lets assume for Infy is 5000 Crores. So even after the bonus adjustment the Market Cap should be 5000 Crores. In this case the share price would be divided by 4. So the adj...
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I wld have to agree with mux. I have burnt quite a few fingers in stocks that i had bought after a sharp run up only for them to change trends and leave me high and dry. But the word on the street is that the infy stock is better now than after the record date. So dont rule out an Infy at 6000 so...
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back aftr lunch
Mutual Funds are yes safe give good steady returns are handled by Professional Fund Managers. But again its like you putting all the money to buy the car and make a driver take the car out. You just cant feel the power. Most ppl's ego wouldn't let them trust a fund manager w...
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I just filled up ICICIDirect's registration form at ICICI bank. Paid up the registration fees of Rs 750. Activation takes arnd 15 days. Put some money into the icici account that comes with the package. Start trading. You can trade with amounts as low as 1000 bucks.
Businessworld did a study o...
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Some of the learnings that i have experienced was
1. Dont look out for penny stocks. Those stocks that are trading at prices less than 10 Rs. You have this big dream that they would go to 100 in a month or so. There is good reason why the stock is trading at sub 10 Rs. Avoid it.
2. Do lots...
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This is something that has fascinated me since childhood. No surprises since it seemed to be the easiest way to make money. But why should u invest in Equity markets where the risks are so high and we have seen investors losing the money?
One rational could be the fact that the inflation is h...
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me fan too...watched the movies first...so am in prequel mode now, reading the books...so far i kinda like Aragon...Gandalf comes a close second...
happened to see a book on origins of words and phrases on LOTR...ignored the book that time arnd...repenting now at leisure...
i seem to rela...