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No info from CAT 2008 would be required for you to appear in CAT 2010..
I remember we were able to change the option/leave the question unanswered after choosing some option in both AIMCAT as well as actual CAT..Click near the radio button you have chosen as your answer..it should be cleared..
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Congrats dude!!!3 of you (Raveesh, KD & U) kept this thread alive and kicking for all the waitlisted guys from day 1 and it's great to see that you all converted Best of luck..
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Mail regarding Laptop from Kavitha Subramanian (IT Com Secretary) meant for those who have already confirmed for HP laptop:
The payment details for HP ProBook are:
DD in favour of Redington India Ltd, payable at Bangalore
4320 - Rs 40495/-
4520 - Rs 45040/-
I would be s...
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Converted VGSOM..Finally I have a Congratulations message from an IIT..Feels great..
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Education Loan
I had sent a mail regarding Education loan to SAC today. I got a reply from Mayank Shree Jain that they are meeting with a few banks in the next 3-4 days and will let us know the details after that. I would suggest to wait for a few days before sending the documents to SB Indore...
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Guys..Is it just 4.5 Lacs as mentioned here or we can hope for the cap to be raised
I don't see this 4.5 Lacs mentioned anywhere in the docs sent today...Can we apply even if family income is a bit beyond 4.5 Lacs?
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What is the eligibility criteria for Need Based Financial Assistance Scheme (NBFA)? Is it mentioned anywhere in the forms sent today?
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I was trying to have a rough idea about Simple Interest to be paid per month during the course if one plans to take a loan of 11.55 Lacs from SB Indore.
4.55L: Tuition
0.85L: Hostel and Mess
0.45L: Laptop
0.15L: Caution Deposit
0.15L: SBI Life Insurance
Likely schedule for paym...
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Loan amount can be as per your requirement. For example, if you don't need 100000 towards expenses, you can reduce that amount..Similarly they have mentioned 60000 towards equipment (I think it's for laptop)..If u don't want loan for it or are going for HP ones you can reduce that amount.
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