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it is 14th for sure!!!!
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Buddy what sort of response r u looking for in this particular thread??? i guess if u put the same question in IIT D thread u will get diff response.. coz a bias is natural s in both cases .. its ur call u need to decide... do ur homework as my frnd above suggested compare both using various par...
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Hey Seniors
Found this link on another thread on PG The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - Chandigarh Stories
is it true??? if yes then its really disappointing as UBS was one of my good calls... plz reply
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Thanks dude ! I am sure no amount of consolation will make things better in the way you feel deep down inside .....i would like to say just hang on ! Bad things happen but we have to move on and achieve ! and i am sure you will ! All the best and keep us posted !
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I am not sure if anyone complained on this thread about Quant skills. Personally i feel anything above 80% is good enough to say the person is "ok" and "doable" in a subject. Also its wrong to assume that overseas schools are an easy "getaway" for guys with bad quant skills. I can assure you the...
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The point Pradeep is trying to make is that the whole process is not transparent as it claims to be and leaves more questions unanswered than answered.
Even this year though the IIMs have come out with the percentile cutoffs there have been many who have met the requirements but still not got ...
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Hey Guys someone help me here !! I am going for an offsite so i need to finish this applying procedure asap !
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Hi Guys,
Where are the forms available for applying to the individual institutes like IITB , IITD etc ???
Brochure says forms on the website but cannot find any link anywhere ? Please help !!
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Things went as i hoped !
DI - 96.23%
QA - 97.35%
VA - 98.45%
Of course A called me
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solutions for cat 2006 posted by IIMK
IIMK - CAT 2006 Informations
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