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gaming is fun at IIM Indore
no matter waht time of day (or night) the server starts and teh melodious sounds of CV - 47 or Kreig rock the floor. There are two games that are very popular at our campus and they are AOE and CS. These are religiously followed no matter how many assignments or exa...
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dats true that indore comes out with wl pretty late than colleges like MDI becoz its interviews are also held later.
I also deposited fee at MDI last year and then had to forego a large chunk of it since i had to come to I and same was with other two guys who lost much more than me since they ...
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the only things that ll matter to you in 1 st year ll not be much of quant though you need to know some basic stats which ll be taught. if you have cleared engg it wont be much of a fight......
waise you can do lil bit of linear programming and some basic stats of sampling if you get hold of a...
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hey i am missing the blowing winds on the hill top track already. feel like goin to shimla or kasauli to get that feel.
chandigarh is getting warmer day by day and its really a paini to work here after staying in junnat for good 10 months
c ya ll there v soon
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Life at IIM indore -
i came to realize when i came for my summers,
the campus is cool as all of you would have seen from the pics posted by payne.
one thing i am missing right now is the long walks round teh hillock and sitting for hours in amphitheater when i wanted to do stargazing,<...
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hello all
i think Indore is a place where PI is not one of the difficult things to crack. unlike other places, proffs are very cordial and they dont try to screw the students.
Regarding a lot of emphasis om acads that i have read so far, i feel that itall depends upon you. the acads that mo...
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i am doing my summers with Godrej in chandigarh.....
can any body tell me if i can get to stay at UBS during my summers and if rules of insti allows so what is the formal channel for it.
mail me at p05parvinders@iimidr.ac.in / parry_83@yahoo.com
PS expecting a quick resp...
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while investing people generally try to find oout companies which have lower than the industry average. P/E ratios are comaprable within the industry but looking at it from outside you cant compare cosmetics to consumer durables ;)
EPS is the net profit that a company has after interest, taxes...
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i also want to prepare for June 2006, but i am scouting for material.
is thereanyway that you can send me the copy of material and i can share some cost that you have paid for the material
plz respond
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yes you can try GMAT out as your overall score is good enuff to show that you have talent
let me give you some advice for GMAT since I have worked with The Princeton Review
Its not only your GMAT score or your acads that count towards your admission in the US universities.
Yes, a good sc...