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Hi This is Manish, i have done BBA with decent track record of having first class throughout my career, currently in a BPO.Can any one please help me what is the expected cut off this year and what shall be the selection criteria ?and which test is the institute looking into apart from CAT
paagalpm Hi Manishibba, Sorry to reply so late....yes we have been.... 08 Oct '13.
paagalpm Guys, as mentioned before, the expected cutoff is around .... 15 Oct '13.
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Please suggest which IMT campus is better.... Hyderabad or Nagpur. Give your preferences in order from : gaziabad, hyderebad, nagpur and dubai
paagalpm Sorry! Comparisons of BSchools is strictly not allowed on.... 15 Oct '13.
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Sir what was the cutoffs for CAT, XAT, CMAT in 2013? PLs help
paagalpm It was around 75%tile but depends on profiles too. 08 Oct '13.
paagalpm Placement season has started for the 2012-14 batch. For o.... 08 Oct '13.
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IMT Hyderabad Admissions page
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Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to IMT Hyderabad Admissions Queries page!
Admissions are now open.
IMT Hyderabad offers the following programs PGDMPGDM - FinancePGDM - Marketing
The admission process is conducted through the Common Admissions Process for all the centers of IMT (Ghaziabad...
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dusaj26 admitted what?? @paagalsb14 . 27 Feb.
TheChaser @paagalsb14 whatever you said is jus shocking :O :O . 28 Feb.
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Sir tell me abt the placement stats......i guess placement season has already ended..so why has imt not released any placement report....the one on site is outdated n still tells placement is going on.....bt one of my frnd who was there at imt batch says he is still sitting at home aftr completi...
paagalpm Placement info on college website...final report. 31 May '13.
paagalpm Its 62% of the students eligible and opted for placements. 06 Jun '13.
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Sir is this thread dead....pls reply waiting for u seniors.....is anyone there for help......pls pls pls reply asap.....there are many aspirants who need your help......the way u guys needed when u you were aspirants......pls try n understand our situtation....and reply...Thanking in anticipation...
paagalpm still wat are ur doubts. 28 May '13.
paagalpm @AMTS Hyd mein dono hai..... 31 May '13.
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Guys, placement info on college website...final report...in case u missed it
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@paagalpm plz suggest me from IMT Hyderabad OR ibs Gurgaon....i live in delhi..plz tell me which one is good out of these two???
paagalpm See, we have put forward our perspective earlier too...an.... 28 Apr '13.
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@sandeepsandyp since we are using a cumulative score, so, cut-offs are a part of the process and it depends on the pool of candidates applying and their profiles...cut-offs alone are not the selection criteria...so there is no point mentioning the cumulative score. Cut-offs do not matter here but...
paagalpm We are currently out of campus and not in regular touch w.... 28 Apr '13.