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1)LOTR(all 3);
2)Notting Hill;
3)Hera Pheri;
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interesting avatar...do u play War Craft 3 ?
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Its been a long time since I watched a war epic. Last i guess was Troy. (it was by Ridley Scott rite??)
Neway I am gonna watch it! Since no gud movie is arnd.
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Watched Frequency yr ago and Beautiful Mind arnd 2 yrs back in my first yr.
Sin City Last Month.
1)Frequency is descent movie not exactly a Psycho Thriller Its more of a Sci-Fi. Son (Hero) a Police Officer solves *Cases* with his dead father from the Past. The movie goes on back and forth...
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NOw that u remind me I will watch it.Have episodes till Season 4 On my Comp.:smile:
Season1: 6 episodes.
Season2: 9 episodes
Season3: 7 episodes
Season4: 6 episodes (So far...)
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U see i am movie buff and a book worm too. Their fame (certainly grew owing to moviz) has no bearing on my opinion abt those books since wont opine unless I read them.
And I did surely liked them.I have no new books to recommend but theres this old one
"Life At CAstle Blandings" by the one...
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3)Linkin Park
4)Led Zepp
5)Black Sabbath
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Alchemist is my fav too.
1)Godfather (1920 Mafia Story):Mario Puzo
2)Shawshank Redemption (Prisoner's escape from gaol) :Stephen King
3)Diary Of Little Girl (not sure of title) (Autobiography of WW II victim):Anne Frank
4)Silence of the Lambs (Thriller) :Thomas Harris
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2)WOnder Years
4)That 70's Show
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Well I am in IIT Bombay and we have an awesome LAN here. Last year we had a deadly attack by Blaster Worm which shook the very foundations of our network.
Administrative body then went rampant blaming windows for this tragedy and asked us to use Linux.
Now I hav both WinxP Service Pack2...