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"my cat score is 97.7. i am a fresher, 4th year engineering. my acads were ok but i dont know any more. 88.2 in 10th cbse, 87.4 in 12th cbse. 75 % in grad till 6th sem. in 10th my index is 12.71/20, in 12th my hsc index is 13.59/20. total is 85.16.. there are many candidates like me. i have applied to fms in which i dont ...
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orca Not here to defend IIMK though I am an alum - Batch of 20.... 31 Jan '12.
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At about 7.30 pm this Friday, Nihit Sinha and some of his friends, all first year students from ICFAI Business School (IBS), Hyderabad were enjoying themselves at a dhaba, some half a kilometre from their college. Little did Nihit realise that it would be his last outing with his friends. While walking back from the dhaba,...
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orca Sad incident, but lets put things in perspective. IBS .... 27 Jul '11.
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The story sometimes doesn't stop at B-skool interviews and continues into summers and finals as well....and for some of us, this will continue all our lives ;)
I got the so called wrong end of the stick during my IIM interviews in 2006 - BLICK calls and I had converts from I and K, ended up go...
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If you work for a living, why do you kill yourself working?
If you want to shoot....shoot, dont talk!
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Been ages since I've posted, > 2-3 yrs perhaps....
Guess I can be bracketed into the old timers category, been almost 6 yrs since I've registered. PG was my lifeline during my CAT prep days, met some amazing folks and still in touch with some of them.
As for my second innings here, not sure...
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Moi here to give u folks the alumni perspective
My profile - IIMK batch of 2008, had converts from K, I and NITIE. 3 yrs of IT work ex prior to MBA. Summers in a Marketing role and final placement in an IT biz dev role (by choice )
Before u folks shoot those K vs I vs L queries, read up pl...
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Nonsense points some of these IMO, especially the ones in bold. I find some of these points outrageously atrocious -
1) Self learner - some ppl are self learners and some arent. Doing an MBA has nothing to do with it. Yes u do have a lot of muggus in the top B-skools but these ppl would do the...
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Danke !! Thankfully I've managed an account development/Global sales role (will progress to a client engagement manager role in 3-4 yrs), hope I don't have to deal a lot with PMs in the near future
ShriK is headed to Amex, not sure about the exact role, will get him to post here soon.
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Time to make an entry
Keep this thread limited to discussions abt IIMK placements fellas, we've done well and we're bloody well proud of that. We really don't wanna bother comparing average sals with other instis unless we are provoked to do the same ;)
You are free to carry out...
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BACKWATERS 08 is here and it's live on air at a computer near you. For the first time ever in Indian B-school history, a campus radio goes live on the web. K-DIO will be live on air from 9th Jan. 2008 onwards.
The K-DIO playlist includes:
Jargonator: Witness a unique faceoff between the on...