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OpiumOfTheMasses replied to Final Placements: Class of 08!
Here goes my first post in over a year
1. Company Name : Idea Cellular
2. Branch / City: Pan India
3. Function: Sales and Marketing(Hoping for the latter )
4. Joining Date: 2nd June
CTC: 7 lac P.A.
8. PPO or campus recruitment: Campus
Wonderful to se...
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OpiumOfTheMasses replied to IMI,Delhi ::Admissions 2007
hEY ITS BEEN A WHILE SINCE iVE BEEN TO PAGALGUY. Congrats to everyone who got through...
P.S. After reading the previous few posts I could realise the sense of agitation that you guys must be feeling. Believe me, we felt the same during our admissions. I personally had to give up a near mica A...
OpiumOfTheMasses replied to IMI Delhi:GD/PI Queries & Experiences..!!
Aah feels good to be back after `such a long time. Yes you may change the Topic, But you can do so only once..so be careful before you do that. IMI is one of the chillest processes youll ever face. Just relaxx and come with open minds.. Last time around my topic was Are We Fit for `Democracy
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OpiumOfTheMasses replied to Target : Mica 2007!
Aaah.. I heard my name whispered in the winds..Chucky chuck..Heres hoping you do get through this year...and we see each others in the halls of some ad agency.. :-)... Best Of Luck
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OpiumOfTheMasses replied to IMT Nagpur Admissions 2007 :: Shoot Queries here!
Greetings from IMI...Guys a good frnd of mine is Out there Prateek Sircar..hope you guys taking good care of him (read.. dumping cake all over him on birthdays)... I heard about the famed Hostel wars ...
Juss dropped by to say Hello
OpiumOfTheMasses replied to IMI,Delhi ::Admissions 2007
neither do I...or around 40 other people from my batch(thats juss topof the mind figure)..actual data might be different..
what I am trying to say is that Your lack of work -ex might not be a deciding factor In you getting through..
Although work-ex does get some weightage,and Most of OUR b...
OpiumOfTheMasses replied to MICANVAS 2006: Cult Mica Returns
Hope youve sent across an invite to IMI....
OpiumOfTheMasses replied to Happy Birthday Saikat aka curtz-imi [10 Sep]
saikat da.. Happy birthday... From Your Alma Mater....and from me :-)...
OpiumOfTheMasses replied to Happy Bithday Bertie Wooster
damn.. No more chances to kick karan's arse in college :-p... will have to wait till the 6th..
happy budday bertie jee
OpiumOfTheMasses replied to PG Delhi Meet [17 Sep 2006]
hey.. Opium reporting for the IMI pgites. Will spread the word in college..But If most of the people are comingf rom south delhi.. then cant we have it at like..priyas or something ???