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Decent start to the season. Made it to the toppers list :). Verbal - my oh-so-dear friend - saves me. Bombed QA and DI as usual. Same old same old.
QA/DI - 15 R, 3 W - 43.45 (0.45? How?)
VA/LR - 22 R, 8 W - 58
Total - 97.83%ile
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I booked a slot for tomorrow morning, but I don't think I'll be able to attend it. Is it possible to write it in another slot? I'm not new to AIMCATs (I wrote them in preparation for CAT 2010) , but I don't know if the rules have changed. I booked a slot in the Secunderabad centre. I remember tha...
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It's only marginally higher. Last time it was 91 for HRM and 92 for BM.
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The XLRI School of Business and Human Resources, Jamshedpur (XLRI) has decided to reduce cut-offs from the 90s to the 80s to attract a good mix of students. XLRI's Admissions Chairperson Soumendra Bagchi told PaGaLGuY that to ensure an efficient admission process, the XAT (XLRI Admission Test) scores are not shown to the p...
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chandrakant.k @nid_12 Yes. XAT is an exam whose scores many colleges us.... 07 Sep '12.
dhruvwali looking back the cutoffs are still in the 90's :P . 10 Jun '13.
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(Photo credit: Anusheel Shrivastava) The Xavier's Admission Test (XAT) 2012 that paves the way for admissions to b-schools such as the XLRI School of Business and Human Resources - Jamshedpur, SP Jain Institute of Management and Research - Mumbai, Xavier's Institute of Management - Bhubhaneswar and Goa Institute of Manag...
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young_monk @ajink05 you may visit XLRI/XAT thread whose link is give.... 04 Dec '11.
Komzz @young_monk Hie sir...... I cmpletd my grads dis yr itsel.... 18 May '13.
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Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi completed its summer placements for the MBA batch of 2013 by securing a wide range of roles from national and international firms, including offers from 15 growing sectors of the economy. Batch Strength 226 Did not participate in summers/Opted out 3 Tot...
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talktoash30 What is the salary package offered by Deutsche Bank. 16 May '13.
aayushi1 Heya! m i d last year of my graduation.. can someone plea.... 28 Jul '13.
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I repeat. You're NOT going to write it on a web browser. You are going to write it on a software installed on the machines there. But because you wrote the sample test in a WEB BROWSER, the highlighting feature obviously wouldn't work.
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I'm not sure if the mods would consider your question off-topic because this thread is only meant for experiences. But the last time even I was wondering what this feature would be. A lot of people must be curious. So let me try to answer this question.
In the 2010 CAT, the highlighter worked...
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Editor's note: Guest author Parasharan Chari, Chief Operating Officer of Ahmedabad-based test-preparation institute Endeavor Careers, analyses the first-day-first-slot of CAT 2011 and identifies pointers that test-takers in the later slots could use. --- --- --- First day, first slot an expression that sounds quite filmi...
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onomyst @parasdutta12 - Are you sure 240 was the scaled score for.... 23 Oct '11.
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All those with work experience, what have you filled the duration as? Till today or till XAT's date? I'm planning to fill in the latter.