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I have been following this thread quite closely since I am a fan of NUS and am quite desperate to get in. A big congratulations to all those who have been admitted to the college..
I submitted my application on 25th Jan and have not received any response from them yet. But I do see ppl who sub...
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First call of the season...im really thrilled...My interview is on 21st in Delhi 11:00 AM...anyone in the same slot..
Congrats to all those who have made it to the 2nd stage...the wait was worth it
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Hi Richa,
I applied thru GMAT and got a call. My score was 680. It is written on the website that they would consider a GMAT score of above 600 in lieu of CAT.
Let me know if I can be of help...
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i agree...the answers had to be marked keeping the passage in mind..does anyone remember all the 5 ques on syn and ant that were asked...i had a major doubt in one of them but just cant remember it
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Hi All
I just took my GMAt and got a bad score but I am really desparate to get into a B School by Sept 2009. I am just posting my profile and need soem guidance on the Unis that I shud apply to where I have a realistic chance.
GMAT Score:680
Work Ex: 1.8 . workin with McKinsey & Compan...
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hey i had my gd/pi today so let me help u out.
the prof told us v clearly that everyone has to give an "opening statement" to the topic and for which they gave some 30secs to collect our thoughts and strucuture them..and as far as having no idea abt the topic is concerned dude its not possible...
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@ Aspire-i checked and its prof S.Anand..(sorry for the confusion)
and as far as i know there is no as such grilling on acads in delhi..yes they are asking u abt it and one is expected to be thorough wid ur acads..but dont worry no grillin or stress interviews heard of in delhi.....so far
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hey everybdy and blated happy holi
had my gd/pi today in delhi at 1:45...surprisingly dint meet any puys and infact many dint even kno abt pg so got a shock..anyways we were divided into groups of 8 and as everybody knows by now had gd on the same pattern.yhe topic was
"SEZ-boon or bane"
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Now that we kno written is given the highest weightage of 60 marks...i reeally wish we cud get to kno our performance in the entrance test...:wow:
Zephyr do they don't declare it at all oris it that later while giving out the final calls they give the break up.
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i posted it in the wrong thread...anyways my gd/pi for both the courses is on 22nd
MIB@9 and MHROD@12 ..so i just wanted to confirm that the entire process won't last more than 3 hrs rite... and can evryone plz update their schedules on connect..it will be gud to meet fella puys..