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Hi Puys & SeniorsI am waitlisted at 37(ND) in MHRM. What are my chances?? When can we expect another movement in the waitlist?
allwin8 I am waitlisted at 23 also. Next movement in the waitlist.... 6h.
allwin8 Above is for all the waitilisted candidates. No one bothe.... 6h.
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Can any body help me in deciding whether to go for NMIMS or Great Lakes.
Your response is highly valuable
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niveditasharma NM. 03 Apr.
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will 812 clear ?
harjasbakshi It's all speculative but practically speaking, very dim c.... 28 Mar.
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guys...i cannot find any links on the imt website...plz send the link
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Cant open it ? what should i do ?
Fizz_Sid @robin.hood lucky you.. :P ...still nt wrking for me...... 13 Mar.
robin.hood :D . 13 Mar.
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Name :- Supriti BhanPlace:- BangaloreWorking\fresher (age):- Working, 24Gender:- FemaleStream(Core/HR...):- CoreSmoking:- No, dont mind if others do Drinking:- OccasionallyAny other requirement:- Chilled out girlsBudget:- 10k
niveditasharma Hail Democracy !! we can search together will msg u my no.. 08 Mar.
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Hey puys just read this on the FB group, do we have to submit the original Photo ID as well?
niveditasharma really ? why originals ? weird. 07 Mar.
niveditasharma yeah, thats what. keeping originals doesnt make sense. th.... 07 Mar.
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I know this is the NM thread BUT I am confused regarding few things.....
1. NM vs MDI Now in favour of NM and against MDI: I stay some 15 mins from NM so that would save my hostel fees and the total fee would be around 14 Lakh. For MDI need to shell out 15 L + staying away from home includes 1...
niveditasharma MDI dude, anyday. 07 Mar.
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is NMIMS AICTE approved ?
niveditasharma where cn i find it ?. 07 Mar.
niveditasharma thnks. 07 Mar.
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NMIMS or XIMB?......which one should I opt for..planning to take marketing or finance..!!!!
aseth1985 i agree with shourya...but ximb is very good in terms of .... 07 Mar.
MBAVichar @incepted NM has advantage of location n industry connec.... 07 Mar.