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Reserved category cut offs for last year?? please help me out with this. I belong to SC category.
nitsna @SIIB-Pune how exactly are you helping the aspirants by.... 09 Dec '13.
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1st timer for any Gov. Exam like this. Feel good wali exam thi. No expectation. No tension.
Sec I : Angrezi :-
Attempted 16 ; Correct 12/13
Sec II : Logic :-
Attempted 20 ; Correct 20 (Worst case 19)
Sec III : Kwant :-
Attempted 19 ; Correct 17 (Worst case 15)
Sec IV : G...
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AshuIIMA @nikskrish Angrezi aur GK ka lafda hai...! :splat: -@A. 08 Sep '13.
nikskrish @AshuIIMA setting ho jaega re dono me dont wry. :mg: . 08 Sep '13.
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Hi @nikhil.mait
Can u send me your number ? I want to talk to you. I have only this college and I am unclear whther I should join it or not
Shamukul @vishu1992 Nope it has not come yet. 07 Apr '13.
Shamukul @ANSHU11 SRCC conduct its own exam. 07 Apr '13.
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@nikhil.mait hi nikhil.. i hav'nt arranged an LOR....and not too sure if i'll be able to....is this too big a problem ?would v be allowed without lor .. can u confirm from college and update here ?
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I intend to apply online..do we need to send print out of application form to IMNU ?? plz reply asap coz it wont be possible to reach it in 2 days as 30 dec is last date...
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@pharru thnks yr..but itna kaun padta h yr previous pages..urgent tha to pooch lia...
ajaygovindg Thanks..
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do we need to send printout of the form to fore's office after applying ???
repy asap
today's the last date
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I will be joining MBA next yr. My query is will doing FRM be helpful in getting good profile jobs post my mba if the MBA is not from a prestigious institute ?? and how should an FRM holder go about getting off-campus jobs because most good companies go to top b-schools only for placements.
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Will BIM consider CMAT scores this time ?
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Deepak Gopalakrishnan is a cartoonist from Mumbai. Catch all his cartoons and work here, and follow his tweets here.
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nuttyspice This is hilarious!!! :D . 12 Mar '13.
evoyage @chuck_gopal Very well written mate.. :_. 06 Nov '13.