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hi sumit
chk on SIIB's website main page.
It says online resgistration over.
even i want to apply to SIIB but:angry: last date is over
nisha_mehta replied to snap 2007 results out:the poll,discussions,expe...
I got a total of 70.5.
Do i have a chance in SIIB.??
I haven't applied for SIIB and the last date was 6th Jan.
Is there anyway by which i can still apply in SIIB??
Thanks in advance
nisha_mehta replied to SIIB Admissions 2008 HelpDesk
I got a score of 70.5. Does i have any chance in SIIB?
Also i haven't applied for SIIB till date and i see that last date for sale of prospectus is over. So is there any chance by which i can get prospectus now?
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in my free time i read books (non-fiction preferably)
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Hi Puys
Is there any Literary & debate club in bangalore?
If yes kindly give me details.
Thanks in advance,
nisha_mehta replied to [26 August] TIME AIMCAT 0810
another disaster....especially QA in which last time i managed to get some decent scores....
QA - 5
VA - 19
DI - 22
Total - 46
nisha_mehta replied to [19-Aug-07] TIME AIMCAT0811 Discussions
another bad show from my side
VA - 10:-(:-(
DI- 8:(:(
QA- 23
Total - 41
1 1
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Bajaj Pulsar
1 1
nisha_mehta replied to Punchlines ka punch
Maruti SX4
nisha_mehta replied to Preparation Agenda For CAT 2007
Hi sakshi
i feel still there is enough time for cat.
since u were preparing earlier before your exams so u might have worked on ur basics...infact i will suggest u join aimcat or any other test series and keep on working on individual topics also...
even i have started my prep from 1st j...
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