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Any specific strategies for attempting the RC questions other than skimming the passage, getting the gist of it and taking the purpose and main idea would really help.
How does one train oneself in the above traits... Where to find passages to practice. Any material to practice upon?
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I'd also be interested... put up in Madinaguda (Miyapur). Planning for GMAT in August. Just starting with the preps.
catch me @ 9866996527.
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IMS is there. I just visited their center in Madhapur. Don't know if that is good or not. . Going to attend a demo class next weekend.
They offer weekend classes. There brochure boasts of getting students to Harvard and all the other schools in the world. But that would be with all the others...
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Hello Everyone,
This is Nikhil. I'm a Software Engineer and am looking for an MBA now after working for 3 and a half years.
I'm mainly looking for guidance on GMAT and the aim is to crack ISB. The reason, I'm looking for ISB is...
1. A 1 year course.
2. International standards equiv...