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Any work-ex guy out there who has not resigned yet?? I have converted PGP-IM and have not resigned. praying for PGPM. even if i get PGPM in the list this friday. only 7 days notice period is gonna generate shockwaves in my office (2 months notice period required) + around 2 months' buyout - econo...
Nikhil similar situation...ive resigned but my manager has agree.... 04 Jun '13.
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am i the only one who still hasnt lost hope ? wl at 43
jhaavinash @chin1989 ..bhai Election sir pe hai 2014 mai, to maal ka.... 02 Jun '13.
luzuzika @sazid nahi bhai .. all 3. 02 Jun '13.
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@dhruvwali unable to open bhai , tumne dekh lia apna ?
Nikhil Converted MBA Core at Merit List No 720 Status : Not Joi.... 25 May '13.
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Waitlist No 10......chances bright for a convert right??
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bardock123 what does provisional admission mean?. 27 Apr '13.
Chinuzz @bardock123 Technicality pe mat jao.. They are just cover.... 27 Apr '13.
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I dont think its out....Though the link saying 2nd merit list out , when u click on it, the next page doesnt have ne link to check the result( as was the case earlier).
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Site is working fine.....Net check karo
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Any chance of making it to core with a Merit No of 720??
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18th March,11AM slot.Anyone else in the same slot from Mumbai?PM.
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Even ive got my GDPI on the 18th,11am slot.
Im from Mumbai and pretty bad with these reservations and stuff.
Please suggest something :).
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why there is so much difference in the placement figures of imt, ghaziabad and other imts??