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newguy replied to [2006-2008] XLRI Results Out
Congrats Dude..You are in...as I am opting out..All the best...Shine on !
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Hey Guys,
2 is a company, three is a crowd...so, apologize for barging in but I hope you two don't mind me joining....:)
If Ross doesn't clear my Waitlist, we are gonna be collegemates...
My Profile :
4 Years Work Ex in Design Industry
GMAT 710
Applied Feb 1....Inte...
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Thanks for the 2 cents...
Wasn't aware of the new rule in place...Who makesall these rules...What is a community website for? For inviting discussion, right?
Enjoy !
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Need your 2 cents on NUS Vs XLRI for a guy who has 4 years of work experience in Design Industry with good understanding of Six Sigma and willing to pursue Operations Management....Not at all interested in switching to Fin / Marketing et al.
It will be great if you puys can pitch in a...
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My Interview was on Friday evening at XIC..I guess, it was the other panel who interviewed me....
Ashis K. Pani
E.A. Augustine, S.J.
Pranabesh Ray
Will use IP for all...( Well.IP stands for Interview Panel )
Don't remember who asked what but could recall how it flowed...
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NO....No Separate mails...
newguy replied to XLRI 2006 Calls Declared..
Hi Guys,
I got a call as well...Is there any clarity on when the interviews are expected to be scheduled...
Any Current student at XLRI may help in this regard...by the way, I put
Verbal Ability 98.150
Quantitative Ability 98.060
Data Interpretation & Logical ability 98.860
newguy replied to CAT 2005 : Analysis, Experience, Discussions , ...
Just checked with IMS ( 333 ) and this is what I came up with..
Quants - 9
Verbal - 18
DI - 19.33
Total : 46.33
Don't know what to expect ?? Wrote CAT for big gains but quants killed me...got just too many wrongs..:-(..
Anyway, congrats to those who made it big...
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Looks like...I will do it every time ( i.e. posting the scores FIRST )
QA - 12 - 8 - 6.67
DI - 29 - 24 - 22.33
VA - 37 - 28 - 25
Net Score : 54
GK - ???????? (Net Score - 8 )
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When I began typing here..Looks like if I finish in time, my scores willl be the first one to get published...
The paper was VERY VERY Substandrad...Those who are really good in English would surely have finished the entire section within an hour..
Anyway, My break up is :
Section - ...