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I just got a call form the admissions office asking if I am interested to join SCMHRD-IM course..(P.S. I was shortlisted for dis course only).. anyone else getting such phn call??
Federer1989 SIBM list out. only 13 movement check out SIBM forum. @dh.... 14 May '13.
dhinamajeevitam @Federer1989 : grt news man...13 movement is good....!did.... 14 May '13.
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So like I said, follow Kaushik here.Me, you can always follow here, and see the rest of my comics here.
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poojalapasia @chuck_gopal I do want to try a hand at FMCG sales but th.... 03 May '13.
EyetoEye @chuck_gopal Awsum...post! but like @poojalapasia quer.... 17 Sep '13.
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hello guys .....are the results declared for nxt list ? i cant find it on the site still..
NBD still not sure if any other list will be out.... :( dun.... 16 Apr '13.
NBD AMEN !!. 18 Apr '13.
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almost result time...ne selects?
mavericmonck chances fr BOTH ATB. 16 Apr '13.
dhinamajeevitam ok..any tentetive dates for results?. 16 Apr '13.
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@All: Any idea when the next list will be out today??
NBD @dhinamajeevitam are u sure abt da timing....I cannot get.... 15 Apr '13.
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Does Tapmi provide a semester abroad program? If yes what are it prospects???​
NBD @shek90 ohh....  :(  how many of the current batch has pr.... 09 Apr '13.
NBD hmm...... 09 Apr '13.
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Agla list kab niklega???? Any hance for the rejects to get the green signal ????
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NBD @Ned_stark agar agli list nikli tab....bhagwan hi jaane a.... 07 Apr '13.
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HEY dudes....how many are waiting for their status to convert from not selected to selected..plzz comment if u are like me waiting.......................
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NBD @mavericmonck dialogue pe mat jao dost...uske andar chupe.... 05 Apr '13.
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I hope somehow ur words come out to be magically true....buddie....even I myself despite all the odds believe that my name may come out in the subsequent lists....and in that case urs also....
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is it possible in the case of SIBM-P also...I heavily doubt it....