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Kimi being the best driver on the circuit is debatable. He is surely one of the best there but given the fact that the said circuit has the likes of schumi and alonso ..............
I would not say he is "THE" best driver.
If we were to go by your measure, even ferrari is being held back by...
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I was working with infy in blore and attending career forum classes in blore on weekends. You might wanna check out if career forum has a weekend only class running.
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Long shot........was just wondering. What was the emphasis on "love will keep us alive" meant to convey??
I know the eagles had this number. Did bryan adams also have one??
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My name starts with 'N'....so i decided my username should have that alphapbet. Next ..... i had just finished reading 20000 leagues under the sea.
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Jokes apart........nk looked really gr8 during the start of the season.
Given a better car i am sure he can perform. BTW......wasn't he being
sidelined right from the start and wasnt monterio the preferred
driver ?
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Catch 22 by Joseph Heller!!!
For the 2nd time and it is making sense now!!
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Well said dude!!!!
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1. Distributed Computing
2. Diego Garcia.
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Kimi no doubt had the better car but then again comparing schumi, alonso and kimi i'd say schumi without doubt is the best followed by kimi and then alonso. This year even though mclaren seemed to be a good car it was not as reliable as the renault. The ferrari was good but the tyres were the maj...
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1. Binodbehari Mukherjee
2. South Africa