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Mumbai : 4 qualified for directors' round
Bangalore: 24 (attended) -> 7 (cleared GD) -> 3 qualified for directors' round
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anordinaryguy, New Jersey & London nos. have turned out as you 'predicted'.
Kudos, you are doing an Octopus Paul!! :)
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I've selectively chosen some comments (see below) from your post to help future participants (like me) to be more optimistic.. :lookround:
Good Luck!!
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I think the competition would be the same if the factors of performance are considered uniform. Smaller groups would probably have lesser shortlist nos. (like Kolkata) and locations with more groups are likely to have relatively more nos. being selected.
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hey, any chennai junta got OG12? pls PM me if you do hv... thnx
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Thanks a lot flagship.
For the chennai gmat junta, count me in....
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i remember one IIMite sayin that the apt duration for an MBA course wud b 1 1/2 yrs.
And.... no doubt the guy from Kellogg supports for 1 yr course coz ISB has a 1 yr MBA!
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3 days + have passed. Are the mods listenin? or
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Now now PG, this isnt an optimistic remark frm a guy lik u.:huh:
Just kiddin. :)
But, no way can there be any other site for a sole main constructive purpose!
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count me too....