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The biggest outcome of the race (and indeed the season) was undoubtedly the emergence of BMW as a solid "third team" that is pushing McLaren and Ferrari. The two giants can no longer relax in the face of this stiff competition being put by BMW...
Sad to see no RED on the podium (after a long t...
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This is for the attention of people waiting for the fee refund. I had applied for the fee refund on 14th and received it today.
Once again I wish to thank koolbuddy and billi... for the constant support:bigups:
To all you guys joining NITIE, here is wishing you good luck for your course an...
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Called up the office today afternoon. I had sent my request for refund on 14th May. The accounts office guys told me that they have dispatched the cheque yesterday itself.
So, all you puys waiting for the refund can look forward to it in the next few days (assuming that you applied it the sam...
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Puys, one word of caution before Sony Vaio...I have heard from quite a few of my friends / colleagues that the battery life is very very bad...Just a year into its life, my friend says he cannot use it for even an hour on the battery:shock:
So, do ask around before coming to a conclusion....th...
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Hi buddy,
I applied for a refund on 12th and called up the office on 15th. They asked me to call back on 26th (next Monday). But going by the answers some of you are getting, looks like a long wait for the refund.......:(
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Hi Rohit,
If I could make a suggestion in this regard. The charges for the resort in excess of 80 people could be shared by all the puys present at the meet. Most of us visiting the meet have already been benefited from the generous folks at HP. So, its only fair that we spend "something" to b...
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Though I have been a PG user for a long time now, I have never had the opportunity to interact with many of you at a personal level. This year however, PG has touched every aspect of my CAT preparation right upto the dreadful wait for the results.
So, I am definitely looking forward to be a p...
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Hi puys,
I called the admissions office in the morning. They told me that the mails have posted on Saturday, the 3rd of May. So, I guess we should receive it shortly.
Also, he clearly said we need not wait for the call letters to send in the DDs. We could (or probably should) send them in r...
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I guess you have answered your question yourself! It is to prevent misuse.
But there is a way around. Since this is a public forum, it can't be mentioned here
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Hi buddy,
Good that you have gone in for 4 GB RAM, but please make sure you go for the 64 bit version of Vista. The 32 bit version will not be able to address more than 3 GB at all!!!! So you are unnecessarily paying for the extra 1 GB!!!:shocked:
The copy of Vista does not come in a DVD. T...