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@shattereddream 16
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Photo Credit: Urban Hafner There are some topics in Quantitative Aptitude, like permutation & combination, where you can easily find out the answer, (it is in the options) but it turns out to be wrong. And then there are some topics in which you read the question, understand it but cannot even begin solving it. Yo...
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muthu90 @Deepti4Maths can u explain hw it is 12? . 16 Oct '13.
muthu90 @ravihanda can u explain abv pblm? . 16 Oct '13.
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PG Cat Ginger: Photo Credit Ravi Atluri The Common Admission Test (CAT) 2012 results have been declared.. Thrown open on the official CAT site just a few minutes ago, officials kept to their word of declaring the results only at 3.00am. While 2.14 lakh candidates registered for the exam, about 1,91 lakh actually took i...
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anitsuri1990 @amitgovil 21 in quant and 24 in verbal. 09 Feb '13.
ShuvamJoy @pagli8 I have also got astonised after seeing my score ..... 05 Mar '13.
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@singhanand98 bro i m facing same problem..plz guide me what to do next...i hav already sent mail to them.they replied ur prob would be resolved shortly
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if one gets a call and he has secured the least percentile
among all the call getters,then would he be able to convert ximb call,given decent gd pi...
last year my percentile was 86 (domicile)..i cudnt convert...that's why this question erupts in my mind..
seniors plz clear my mind
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Shashank Shukla Only earlier this week, the Sonia Gandhi-led National Advisory Council recommended with much a Rs 4,250 crore programme to provide shelters and other amenities to the homeless in India's cities. A target of 6,800 permanent shelters has been set with much fanfare by the government for some three lakh homel...
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vinayak.purohit great sir............ 16 Feb '12.
Way Admirable..!. 12 Sep '12.
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hi avinash jha,
xat-2011--85 percentile..called for gd pi in ximb on domicile basis..bt rejected finally.....not applied fr gim
xat -2012----22 or 23 marks expected accordind to various keys
any chances fr gim..or ximb
n one more question, do a lower percentile hampers one's
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hi seniors,
xat 2011- 85 percentile
i was called for gd pi on domicile status basis
but i was rejected finally.
xat -2012 ---expected score 23 according to various keys.i screwed:-(
my expectation iz that i may be called for gd pi once-again on domicile basis.
what was the lowes...
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tf -cl-ims keys
my score varies bdetween 21 to 23
do i stand a chance to get a call from ximb.
i m a odisha domicile:-(