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murireads replied to why i think i should choose B over C..
myself am a student of IIMC ..my 2 cents on this hot potato topic..
Place and location: Blore is certainly a better place to be in regards climate, insti's proximity to city ( matters only on sat nites), and Blore's gen metro ambience.C 's campus does score a point in this case, it's absolutel...
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hi all,
hi all
congrats on the calls.
somone named "Dumb&Dumber; had left a query in my mssg box. i request him to use the facility suggested by Ajay to clear his doubts.
or u can still mail me at murireads@yahoo.com
or muralik2005@meail.iimcal.ac.in
( iam usin the board coz i ...
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hi pg
hey i ddint know the topic was abt personal ranks thght it was insti ranking and let it go..
wht ant my rank pg?? i got into IIMC as well..only two ppl hr i guess ame and foundation2er
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hi neha
the pic seems crystal clear to me....and if u cant make out anythin jus remeber tht u have bee churned out from the same educational system..mebbe thins will be more clearer now...
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hi all
abt Faculty and classes u got to aks somone in delhi who knows both but about tests Time's verbal sections are more easier than IMS's. IMS is de best bet coz they follow de absolute standard of CAT and have the max nos of students ritin .Others are gud in particular regions but Ims have...
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hi all
talkin of movies u ought ot certainly know this
som of them has already been posted but for clarity and emphasis so that ppl dont forget it here goes
!)There is no BHOOT in BHOOT, tanuja is de killer
2)Karena certainly dies in de end of MPKDH.ofcourse it wud have been better if...
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hi ankita
absolutely kewl story..... gr8 show ur puttin up...
keep at it..really njoin it..
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thnks schuey,
neways my father already owns a palio which he bht on my institence and he was scoldin me for not selectin a diesel wen de petro prices went up...so i had put my arguments in a similar fashion since i had heard itt long ago..so wanted to find out if the arguments still holds tru...
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hi neha,
There is a insti in Chandigarh esp for auto enthusiasts..it's four yr course..u can search it out on de net..i have seen the insti's advt in Autocar a couple of times..will try to find it and if i get it i will pass it on..
but then de best option for u if ur really inrested is lo...
murireads replied to Tete a tete with PhilipT.Jacob- the 100% precen...
hi all
who took de iview ,philip???
we had asked kunchu to get u a iview frm manorama??orthodox fella gettin first in cat ..manorama wud b proud...