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Anyone who has been able to shift from DCP to FT or finance ?
Muniskas From experience...this up-gradation rarely happens at IMT.... 01 Jun '13.
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(Photo courtesy : Ben Husmann) Two MBA candidates were in for a rude shock when the Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Hyderabad refused to refund them the admission fee of Rs 50,000 (each), they had paid for a seat for the PGDM program for the academic year 2013-15. The institute's concerned official cited A...
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akanshakatta hey i paid 110,000 to jaipuria institute of mangt, i want.... 23 Jul '13.
Akki234 Still not got refund from Imt hyd this is disappointing a.... 24 Jul '13.
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What is the average package for like top 150 students of the batch ? Are there ample 12L + packages ? Also, are the roles offered / companies / salary offered similar to MDI / SIBM / NMIMS ? Please help me in deciding whether IMT G - DCP or GMAT 2013. Because I feel it would be dificult t...
Muniskas Even if there were "ample" 12L + packages, would it guara.... 25 May '13.
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IMT Ghaziabad...Isn't it high time that you at least start displaying our respective Waiting List numbers???? I have my exams & I just can't concentrate!! So restless!!!
Muniskas Concentrate on your exams, that should be your first prio.... 05 May '13.
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Hii. Friends, I have 58 months of experience in manufacturing industry..My responsibility is completely mix with Production side along with Technical team.But Zero role with Commercial team ie procurement,logistics,sales & distribution. Only thing we do is production planning.How can ...
Muniskas With MBA in OPS, you can probably look at broader roles m.... 04 May '13.
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@lohitgupta When can we expect official info regarding commencement of classes at IMT ? we need to resign from our current employer with min notice period.
Muniskas Moreover, resign early and enjoy your last few days befor.... 04 May '13.
Muniskas Hahaha....well, take it any which way you like ! You neve.... 04 May '13.
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The buzz inside b-schools this year is, that 2013 is the worst placement season India's MBA programs have ever seen, worse than 2009 even. We are trying to reason this year's peculiarly startling results of the PaGaLGuY B-school Rankings survey in that context, and need your help further. Never before in the five years of...
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kunjesh ****. 18 Oct '13.
missionCAT13 @raven_007 You were banned :O ? . 22 Oct '13.
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Anyone planning to give away study material for CSCP exam ? need it asap...and also wouldn't mind paying the appropriate amount for the same Thanks in advance !
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Anyone willing to giveaway CSCP exam study material ? I wouldn't mind paying for them :) thanks !
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@visionIIM-ACL Hi...two queries1) i am planning to do six sigma GB through IACT....just wanted to know, if you have any idea about the validity of certification being offered by IACT. I gather that RABQSA is the premier body in providing this certification world over, hence does IACT's certificat...