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did anybody know when FMS will release the shortlisted candidates list ?? any other info related to that
Light-15 the list shld b out by wed/thurs...ATB. 16 Feb.
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The 2000 odd CAT 2013 candidates who are dissatisfied with their results have decided to file a PIL in a couple of days. Apparently, the test takers have mobilised themselves into small but active groups in Chennai, Kolkata, and Indore and are readying the required papers. "We have been speaking to the lawyers. We think all t...
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mukunthv guys can anyone please help me how to get raw scores ?? i.... 25 Jan.
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This Story is about Risk, Take risk. Risk gives more profit. My half life has ended in school, college, Post grad and books. I am so fed up of studies that sometimes I think I should have followed my heart when I was in my 6th Grade. I was a keen designer. I made my first outfit at the age of 11 it was made out of my blue sil...
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mukunthv after reading this i remember these lines: "Sacrifice who.... 13 Jan.
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Hi Buddies, I made a call to fms office and they said that the application is likely to open by 2nd week of november.. but yes in many websites the dates mentioned are misleading.
dashdude ty mahn . 09 Nov '13.
gokujayavignesh number dude . 11 Nov '13.
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please somebody let me knw how to apply for fms for 2014 addmissions??
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mukunthv Hi Buddies, I made a call to fms office and they said tha.... 09 Nov '13.
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As i begin to scribble in this coveted webpage where many a wonderful successful lives have been woven from scratch,i can't help but introspect myself. As Paulo Coelho has wonderfully put it in "Its very difficult to accept the things we deserve without guilt".i plead guilty to that.It's very difficult to embrace the feelin...
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mukunthv The usage of the words were very impressive!!. 26 Oct '13.
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Neeraj Kakkar, CEO, Hector Beverages (Photo credit: Astha A) Most entrepreneurs that we interview here tend to have started their businesses during b-school or right after graduating from one. But how are their startup stories different from those who work in a corporate job for a few years before deciding to go it on their...
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jujujena i have 2 years gap after my b tech.Now i m in MBA 2nd yr..... 12 Jun '13.
whysoserius Excellent Article. . 30 Dec '13.
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hi guys i'm not able to download any of the pdf files which are attached in this thread please help me
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" Hope is a good thing,maybe the best of the things and no good thing ever dies!!!" -The Shawshank Redemption
All the best Guys!!!
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Many got it correct. Naga25french gave the explanations too, good job sir :-o
@psvk : Sorry for the delay in OA.
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