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B-schools teach youngsters how businesses ought to be run. Who questions the way business schools are run? Nina Jacob, a professor who has been with private b-schools such as Xavier Institute of Management, Goa Institute of Management and Institute of Management Technology writes a scathing critique of unregulated governa...
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anonymous [...] Weekend Reading (Oct 30-Nov 5): What is wrong with .... 19 Nov '11.
Apurv @Arka - Though old, but read this article. "You have v.... 30 Nov '11.
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Welcome to the second edition of the B-school Shutterbug Photography contest! Clicked by Abhijeet Singh at the Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad campus. One of the winners of last year's (2010) contest. How to participate? Show off your photography skills by clicking original and creative photographs satisfy...
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Apurv View all the photo entries - http://www.pagalguy.com/2011.... 17 Sep '11.
sam9teen vere are entries from NIT- TRICHY????? :0. 17 Sep '11.
muditg replied to [2011-13]SIMSR aka K.J. Somaiya - PGDM/PGDM(IB)...
good chances because last year both the lists got exhausted.
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hey seniors.
cud u shed some light on the placement reports of the 2009-11 batch.
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what is ur wl number.
if its below 50 then u will surely convert.
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Please give us your details , so that we are able to understand ur interview better..N don't worry quite a few people didn't have the best interviews.
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Venue : Ghaziabad
Date:1st April
Time: 8:30 am
CAT : 98.15
Extra curr : Nothing at the level specified:oops:
WCT Topic : You come up with a new better software but have used company system to build the code. Someone suggests you to go ahead with...
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In a startling move, the government has sanctioned the opening up of 21 new Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) in the country. Of these, at least seven will become operational from the 2011 academic year. The cities earmarked for the new IIMs are Nanded, Ernakulum, Itanagar, Vasco-da-gama, Pondicherry, Bhuj, Ootacamund,...
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sabyasach had a nice laugh after a looooooooong tym.....but who knw.... 19 Apr '11.
sneha_srivastava kuch bhi :d. 02 May '13.