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@mrinalkvbr hi am sc got 65 percentile in snap do i ve any chance for sibm - p
mrinalkvbr I cant speculate man, just hope for the best, have no ide.... 10 Jan '13.
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Shweta, with her children Update: Shweta Mallick has sent a response. It is at the end of the article. The hand that rocks the cradle can also burn the midnight oil, when project-work or assignments have to be submitted the next morning. That means finding the seamless balance between being a mother and a student....
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rakeelarukh Hi Shweta, u are an inspiring mom and a great person, des.... 19 Jan '13.
sabyasachi_sr Dear Shweta Mallick, I feel you deserve a standing ovati.... 17 Feb '13.
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YES BANK in collaboration with Businessworld has launched the YES BANK - Businessworld Transformation Series 2010, a Case Study Challenge for students from premier B-schools across India. The Transformation Series is a 3 year initiative that will provide a platform for young & fertile minds to showcase their talent. The s...
mrinalkvbr Can anyone recommend me some similar corporate case compe.... 06 Dec '12.
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Any idea or views on Certifications provided by FLIP in Finance ? How good is it & is it very well accepted by corporates
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@shrup No, there is not, just refer to earlier posts before asking
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@dilipmathew On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate 7, great acting by daniel craig, great climax, & a overall good watch
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@messidbarca Yes, I just saw a demo video of those on youtube
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@rosali123 No there are no sectional cutoffs in snap, only overall score counts
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@fifi No, LBSIM does not have any reservation system, it's admission process is just based on CAT %ile, generally it's cutoffs range between 92-93 %ile, Its a decent b-school & is known in Delhi, so decide accordingly, you would have a much better chance in other top b-schools with reservations
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@c2c The total fees for 2 years is 10.5 L, there are few scholarships, like if your SNAP score is very high, SC/ST scholarship by GOI Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment to a certain extent of the course, I don't know the exact eligibilty conditions but it was intimidated to us by the colleg...