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Hi all
Will research paper come under scholastic achievement?
@mohit-s @mpranav1811
mpranav1811 it should be co-curricular. 8h.
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Can someone please provide some good links to prepare for technical/graduation related questions?BTEch in Computer Science.I looked up but couldnt find any relevant ones so if anyone has any link will be really helpful.Thanks a lot.
mpranav1811 Try GATE study notes of the subject... it's a good source.... 9h.
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Hi.. Can anyone please confirm for Work Experience salary slips and joining letter would do ? My organization doesn't provide Work-Ex certificate until I quit. Please confirm ..Thanks.. @mohit-s @mpranav1811
mpranav1811 better keep last 2/3 months slips . 9h.
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Hi all
My college has a CGPA system for awarding marks in graduation and it is mentioned in the WAT/PI form that "Wherever you have received grade points, provide equivalent marks and attach a certificate form HOD explaining the method of conversion"
Although at the back side of my semester...
mpranav1811 no if it's written on original certi . 1d.
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Can someone please clarify which of these would fall under scholastic achievements?
1. Highest scorer in Class Xth board exams in school.2. Highest scorer in Computer science in Class XIIth board exams in school.3. Award for academic distinction in school4. Best student award in various subjec...
mpranav1811 1-5 in scholastic 5/7 in co curricular 6- extra curricular. 3d.
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I heard from a source that only people with experience get good jobs at iim-i and rest all get settled at an average of 10-12lpa. Is it true?? @Legolas_33
mpranav1811 Don't trust that source anywmore :P not at all true !. 5d.
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in the form,where we need to write our 10,12 % ..can we write according to the usual norms followed? like best 5 in class 10,best 4 in 12.. ? ( in CAT form i have mentioned like that only ) plz rpy asap..have my interview tomorrow..
mpranav1811 no best thing allowed , u shoul've mentioned marks of all.... 09 Apr.
mpranav1811 @totalcheetah they even total your score even though it.... 7d.
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Why the Panel asks about the other calls we have ? is there any specific logic involved ?
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mpranav1811 it's very easy to guess isn't it?.. I know cases when the.... 09 Apr.
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'Wherever you have received letter grades or grade points instead of marks, provide equivalent marks and attach a certificate from Registrar/Principal/Head of Department explaining the method of conversion. Where such conversions are not possible, please provide an explanatory note in the additio...
mpranav1811 CGPA conversion rules shall suffice.. but still better ca.... 27 Mar.
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IMT-G MBA Finance converted.
30 months of exp and a package of 6.2 lpa.
What to do? Confused.
Should I go for another attempt at mighty and mysterious CAT
I should take admission in IMT-G.
mpranav1811 @lucky_me even if you were in IT you understand lot about.... 27 Mar.
mpranav1811 @neutronwhiz11 even XAT had revaluation issues last yea.... 27 Mar.