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Is there an index of all the problems posted in this tread?
Since the problems already discussed need not posted once again
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My query is whether this NCFM will add value to profile, for getting into premier B-school. Basically interested in Finance , but is it better to do along with MBA or prior to joining MBA
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What abt UDT & BBLT?
Will we have these teams this year ?
Because I want to get into UDT team
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Is it an end to all other teams such as DT, UDT, BBLT? :unhappy:
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Cut-offs are not yet uploaded in the SIS of Cl website.
In this context , we puys can discuss the questions in the test, which will be helpful for us all.
In the DI section, the first que. regd. Sony, HCl etc. the second graph shows the PCs sold (in vol.) in type of Bar gra...
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Hi all puys,
Name: Raj Kumar .
Work-ex: 2.5 years.
Company: PSU
Aim (or Dream) : IIM
Path: CAT
Till now just reading the posts (& posted some 1 or 2 here and there).
Looking forward to making some friends and making in to IIMs.
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Just to give a spark,,,,I'll put in TEST 1.....
as posted bu thbornattitude
There is no test in the attachment. it has something regd. not having proper id.
PL help me
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HI puys,
Thanx for all the info regd. MOCK CAT of diff. institutes.:clap:
From the posts it is clear that puys should take at leat two test series.
So it is better if the timing schedule of All test series is known (as per last year MOCKs) like
2. IMS
3. CL
4. CF, P...
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You hit the nail on the head
This explanation solves my problem.
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Hi Puys,
Continuing with the questions , here is a ques. from my side
g(x) = x^2
f(x) = log g(x)
What is the Domain of f(x) is
a) -Inf to +Inf OR
b) 0 to +Inf excl. 0