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maverick8 replied to SIMSREE (Sydenham) 2012-2014 Admission Queries ...
Final score : 161/240
Home university : MU
State rank : 81
University rank : 76
Category : Open
Should I go for SIMSREE in the first round itself or try for JB till the third?
I don't think I have a chance with JB but want to try my luck.
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CET score = 161/240
State general merit number = 86
University general merit number = 71
I guess I am not going to JB afterall...Too bad for JB
Congratulations to all those who made it!
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maverick8 replied to Movie reviews
No I haven't seen it. But I've heard its got awesome reviews.
Goes on my "To watch" list
Yeah replace the samurai with gunslingers and you got a wild west movie .
Somehow those Clint eastwood and 70's movies had a charm to it.
No CGI,no big budget but still kickass.
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Now that the exams are over, I am on a movie watching spree
Saw this one yesterday.
Seven Samurai
Set in the 16th century Japan, a village of farmers is terrorized by bandits who steal their harvest. To combat this, they hire a group of samurai warriors (ronins).
Directed by Akira Ku...
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1) I am going to buy an Asus gaming laptop within a day or two.
Just a matter of going to the store
2) Also, there is this one watch which caught my fancy (Watch lover me). Airboss Mach 6 (Swiss army watch)...Comes for around 28K but worth every bit of it. I will own this one day.
Edit ...
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maverick8 replied to Critical Reasoning for CAT 2012
Set 57
Option C.
Since it is given that karuti has better mileage than other cars,people generally opt for cars which help save fuel irrespective of the fuel price being high. So the additional info regarding high fuel prices is not needed.
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@mods : Please close this thread.
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I guess the purpose of this thread is served.
@mods : Please close the thread.
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I agree with pallavi here. When you are paying for a service, the least you can expect is it's worth the value. So it does come under the purview of increase in fares.
The railway budget is good in the sense that the increased fares will help in better execution of the proposed plans. This has...
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To conclude, it can't be denied that at some point in time, our conventional sources are bound to exhaust. So it would be in our interests to develop an alternative source while we still have the time.
Since the prohibitory costs of solar and other forms of energy make them unfeasible currentl...