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Prime minister Manmohan Singh is the member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) from which of these constituencies ?
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There are always those who get around rules and instructions. Despite repeated warnings from both, Prometric and the CAT Convenor 2013, Prof Rohit Kapoor, questions are being posted blatantly on social media sites. PaGaLGuY managed to unearth one such activity on Facebook. Titled Ganga Maiya ki kasam - this page has candidate...
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gladi14 lolz hold on till results now :P . 15 Nov '13.
Jhonny_Mera_Naam @kkkkkCAt . 22 Nov '13.
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guys is it true that one can prepare for the gk for SNAP and other exams after cat ?
Maruti089 yes one can easily prepare GK after cat the first test of.... 08 Aug '13.
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Today was a happy day. :)
Maruti089 congr8 :) kis liye kar raha hun ye bhi bata dena :D . 13 Mar '13.
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@vyomconfused happy bday :)
vyomconfused Thanks bhai :) . 18 Feb '13.
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@naga25french saar \__________O//
how are you
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@brixcel bhai Sb pe aao!
The Sacred Ping
No demands for deletion plss
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DeAdLy @brixcel ghonchu :woot: @sabrinakhan sabbo :mg: . 1d.
YouMadFellow @sabrinakhan Kya dialogue maara hai .. waaah waaah ! . 1d.
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congr8 \m/
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wat was your percentile
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@visionIIM-ACL @Mukulspock
helloo sir :)
would you just please help me with this case study thing what is all this about ....we do have casestudy GD in the selection process ..for eg if this is the case what would be the right way of approaching it
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