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yup, same problem here. am sending a letter with the institutes' names as a precautionary
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I want to know what are some basic points to keep in mind while amswering questions with
words in them. For eg:
In a class there are 100 students. Each ...... What is the least number of students who can be promoted if minimum marks...
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Dear puys,
My friend called IIT-K office to resolve some problem.
The official there said that all the enclosures will be checked and they will be intimating either by mail or by post incase of any abnormalities in the form or if anything needs to be re-sent.
And then Oct 17th will defi...
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Dear puys,
In my I have self attested my X marks sheet as no specifications on who should attest was given .
Is this fine or I must call IITK for clarification? :innocent:
Thanks in advance