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madcow replied to How did you get to know about PG forums ?
ppl r bound to come up wid pagalguy if they google bout CAT ..u c its really very difficult to miss it.
the pagals have also done their share to promote it on orkut and similar places... my guess is that may be one reason for its recent shot to fame!
madcow replied to Ads you HATE!
all the insurance (life and others) seem to have the same idea.... of late... mo wonder they are so irritating!
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has any of u guys wondered..... how come do we always end up hating TV Ads??(which r posted here) We do come across lots and lots of print ads which r ridiculous.... com'on ppl lets get a li'l critical of the ads frm the traditional media tooo.
madcow replied to Ads you HATE!
the new series of the tea board of india ads (DEFINITELY TEA DRINKERS ones) feature right at the top of my list.
ps: all ppl who hate the vicco and nirma ads. the jingles are a big help to silence the people playing antakshiri while travelling.
*works only wen travelling in a group.
madcow replied to Macintosh users in BSchools
i m more of a linux fan but never had the pleasure of working on mac machines. With the advent of bootcamp, things wud get easier(i hope) for all mac enthusiasts. with bootcamp, one can switch between the 3 OS'.. so one doesn't need to bother about getting stuck with a mac.. especially here in in...
madcow replied to Quotas to INCREASE at the IITs, IIMS!!!
49 percent.... holy $%^* ... it wud b easier for an aspirant to get into HBS than to get into IIMK or may be the SOM of IITG