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Since results have come early as opposed to 21st April 2014 (Date mentioned on website) does it mean gdpi is going to happen? or that the process will happen earlier than usual?
luxor @vasantii so does that mean sydenham pgdm will have gd.... 10 Apr.
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Is the list for all colleges out? i mean the new IIMs, MDI, IIFT n all. just wanting to know whether third list ka chance hai??
superchiku @MogamboKaBhanja naa bhai total seats le lo 360 hoga........ 19 Mar.
hiteshpratap na finance na marketing fir bhi krenege NMIMS me hi schoo.... 19 Mar.
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what if they dont announce a second list today...
monilgupta Last year there was a second list...saw it on the last ye.... 19 Mar.
mrDee www.pagalguy.com/forums/xat-snap-iift-and-others/2013-nmi.... 19 Mar.
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CAT 2011 - 68 %ile
CAT 2012 - 89%ile
CAT 2013 - 94%ile
NMAT 2013 - 203
Spent a lot of my hard earned money, but did not make it to a good college. Not feeling like answering any MBA entrance exams again. At office they make me work hard. It's been 2.5 years but no appraisal. Don't kno...
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krish_chaitu Cup of Woes!!!!!!!!!!!. 19 Mar.
nikcb thanks all for the loads of motivation :) :) . 19 Mar.
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Anybody up for CFA level -1 for DEC guys ?? will make a a study group here at PG
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luxor i am in too.. . 18 Mar.
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I have 10% additional discount code for Testfunda which is of no use for me. Anyone interested can PM me.
luxor thanks for ur help.. i enrolled in test funda 5 days back.... 09 Mar.
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is this migration certificate mandatory??????????????????koi alternative nahi hain???????
luxor @saket10 but can you let as what this migration cert is .... 06 Mar.
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Merit Rank : 1086. Any chance guys?
luxor dude u hav bright chances..provided some other folks canc.... 05 Mar.
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guys any1 know what was the last rank for convert in the first list ??m at 1004 merit rank of MBA Core..trying to find out my chances
398 for hr btw
luxor u will get through for sure.. take my words.. . 05 Mar.
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@Fizz_Sid hey..tell me one thing..my merit no is 800 something so if i pay fee by march 18 and the say 500 ppl above me accept admission, so they will i be denied admission? :'(
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luxor only 480 seats are there.. this are the buffer calls the.... 05 Mar.